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It's no secret that affiliate marketing is one of the most sought-after topics for anybody looking to generate an online income.


One reason that affiliate marketing is so popular is that you don't need to create your own products or services, and you don't need to deal with customer service or fulfillment.


It's a flexible and scalable way to earn money. With affiliate marketing, you can work as much or as little as you want and earn as much or as little as you want.


It's a low-risk way to make money online. With affiliate marketing, you don't need to invest a lot of money upfront, and you can start earning money relatively quickly.


Many people use affiliate marketing to earn a passive income by promoting products or services from other companies and earning a commission on each sale they make.


So the general perception is that affiliate marketing has the potential to be a lucrative way to make money online...


... And so many people are lured by the dream of passive income and financial freedom with almost no upfront costs.


But the cold harsh truth is...


... Most people actually have a hard time generating a decent income with affiliate marketing, and end up feeling frustrated and disillusioned.


There are many reasons why people fail to make money with affiliate marketing:


    ✅ NOT having a clear understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

    ✅ NOT choosing the right affiliate products to promote.

    ✅ NOT targeting the right audience.

    ✅ NOT knowing how to effectively promote your affiliate products.

    ✅ NOT having a clear plan or strategy.


And many more pieces of the puzzle are missing...  


Most online marketers and small business owners are still struggling to put all the pieces together to start generating a consistent affiliate income.


And that's where the IM Affiliate Marketing PLR training pack can fill in a void, offering a practical and step-by-step guide for anybody wanting to start building a consistent affiliate marketing stream of income.


By offering a course on the topic, you can tap into this market and offer valuable insights and information that can help others succeed with affiliate marketing...


... And acquiring the IM Affiliate Marketing PLR Bundle and following a clear step-by-step framework is one of the most effective solutions for this purpose.

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The customizable PLR content is totally geared toward helping you brand and sell your very own up-to-date and high-quality Affiliate Marketing training.


The knowledge that you will find in this DFY content pack is perfect for anybody in your audience wanting to get started with building and growing their Affiliate Marketing income.

The training delves into a step-by-step Affiliate Marketing framework, including best practices and up-to-date recommendations of all the necessary tools and best practices to make implementation as easy as possible.


This guide will provide the knowledge, skills, and tools needed so anybody can build a successful affiliate marketing business and start making real money with affiliate marketing.

In this DFY Affiliate marketing guide, your customers will discover how they can build and grow a reliable Affiliate Marketing business.


Specifically, they will learn what actually works in Affiliate Marketing, including:


    ✅ WHAT To Choose: Email Strategy vs Website/Blog Setup Strategy 

    ✅ WHAT are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketers

    ✅ WHAT niche should you focus on

    ✅ HOW to choose what product to promote

    ✅ HOW To Create A Product Review (with a fill-in-the-blank Template) 

    ✅ HOW To Create a Promotional Email Campaign

    ✅ USING a Bonus Strategy for your Affiliate Promotions

    ✅ ADVANCED Affiliate Marketing #1: Promoting Recurring Products 

    ✅ ADVANCED Affiliate Marketing #2: Promoting High-Ticket Products

    ✅ ADVANCED Affiliate Marketing #3: Retargeting

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You are also getting not just one Lead Magnet report, but 3 high value reports that will help you build your list and boost your authority.

This new PLR package was designed specifically to help YOU bring the Affiliate Marketing training knowledge and techniques to your audience.

You will also get everything you need to build a targeted funnel that will help you build your list AND sell the main Affiliate Marketing program.

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High Quality Rebrandable eBook

This eBook is a 15,000+ words, fully rebrandable, fully editable guide, all about how to build and grow an affiliate marketing business.


The customizable PLR content is totally geared toward helping you brand and sell an up-to-date and high-quality Affiliate marketing training.

This is not just another eBook filled with theory and fluff - it's packed with the most valuable and easy-to-implement ways to kick affiliate marketing numbers into high gears.



High Quality Lead Magnet Report #1

50 Tools That Will Help You Grow Your List: This is a fully editable and rebrandable giveaway report that you can offer as a Lead Magnet.

It's an easy-to-read 3,200+ words report covering 50 tools and product reviews for affiliate marketers that will help the reader optimize his affiliate marketing.


This is also an excellent opportunity to generate affiliate marketing sales thanks to the different links embedded in the Lead Magnet report.



High Quality Lead Magnet Report #2

How To Build And Grow Your First 1000 Email Subscribers: This is a fully editable and rebrandable giveaway report that you can offer as a Lead Magnet.


It's an easy-to-read 3,100+ words report covering a step by step blueprint, helping the reader to build and grow hus email list.


This is also an excellent opportunity to offer value while adding new leads and boosting your authority.



High Quality Lead Magnet Report #3

Indoctrination Sequence For Affiliate Marketers: This is a fully editable and rebrandable giveaway report that you can offer as a Lead Magnet.


It's an easy-to-read 2,400+ words report including 5 fill-in-the-blanks email templates that the reader can model to create his own indoctrination sequence.


This is also an excellent opportunity to establish your expertise, offer value and boost your authority.



Autoresponder Follow Up Series

Get your audience to Know, Like and Trust you, so they will BUY from you.

You are getting five email messages that you can copy and paste, start building a relationship with your subscribers, and start getting multiple sales from the same customers.



7 Articles All About Affiliate Marketing

Build your web presence and authority with these articles.

Use them for your blog, email marketing or bundle them as a report - you can even create short videos, post them on Youtube and get organic traffic to your offer.

Here are the topics covered:

- Top WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

- 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins

- Top Affiliate Marketers You Need To Know About

- Affiliate Marketing Hacks To Increase Your Earnings

- 7 Best Hacks to Get Accepted by Affiliate Networks

- How To Generate An Affiliate Income On Instagram

- Smart Ways To Place Affiliate Links On Your Blog




“What Do the Super Affiliates Know About Generating Sales and Making Money That You Don’t Know?”

Pssst: Once you know their closely held tips, tricks, and secrets, you too could be a super affiliate with a super-profitable business. Introducing “IM Affiliate Income: How to Reach More People and Do More Business” – a set of 12 guides that show you what’s really working right now to generate more and bigger commissions with affiliate marketing

Here are the topics covered (23,000+ Words):

Guide 1: The Guide To Affiliate Market Research

Guide 2: The Guide To Selecting Profitable Products

Guide 3: The Guide To Beating Your Competitors To Get More Sales

Guide 4: The Guide To Better Conversions

Guide 5: The Guide To Email Marketing

Guide 6: The Guide To Preselling

Guide 7: The Guide To Affiliate Advertising

Guide 8: The Guide To CTAs (Calls To Action)

Guide 9: The Guide To Paid Advertising

Guide 10: The Guide To Establishing Yourself As An Expert

Guide 11: The Guide To Affiliate Optimization

Guide 12: The Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Extra Bonus Report: 12 Must-Dos For Getting Maximum Commissions (2100+ Words)

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